Leak test

by air

Mechanische Studien

Etancheity Test Bench for cylindrical tanks, particularly downstream of welding or assembly processes.

Control process by air inflation and spraying with soap water, equivalent to water control under 10 bars, with a much shorter cycle time.

The check is visual, any leaks are located.

This bench integrates the management of several control thresholds including in particular a peak threshold under a secure enclosure, the levels durations are also configurable.

A soap water generator is controlled by the control cycle.

The connection of the tank to be controlled is made by a quick coupler. Lighting according to the quality control environment is integrated into the bench.

A weld retouching option dependent on the control result is available.

The bench carries out self-checks such as poor connection, major leak.

Production and quality statistics are available and archived.






  • Tank capacity to control: 75 to 600L
  • Ø : 400 to 790mm
  • Average cycle time: 3min

Dimensions: 600X200X200cm ext.

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Leistung hinzugefügt 21/01/2024


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