Unwinding line

with tangential drive

Mechanische Studien

Unwinders are used to unwind a coil of paper at the infeed to a production line.

The paper is driven tangentially by a belt, so that the linear speed is constant, irrespective of the coil diameter.

This project involved recovering certain sub-assemblies from an existing line and reintegrating them into brand-new, more compact frames incorporating new functionalities.

The pneumatic part of the machines was retrofittedsimplified and streamlined to meet customer requirements.

Each module can be easily and quickly relocated to suit the customer's lifting equipment (overhead crane).

The robust construction (60mm thick steel plates) guarantees vibration-free operation and, consequently, process reliability of the line.

The balancer module guarantees constant web tension and helps synchronize unwind speed with line speed (PID system).

Various options are available:

Park brake, ultrasonic diameter measurement, loading belt to facilitate multi-level strip start insertion, etc...


  • Weight: 3,800 Kg each
  • Line speed : 600m/mn
  • Max. coil weight: 500Kg
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Leistung hinzugefügt 10/07/2023


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