Line of welding stations

Automated operator stations

Mechanische Studien

This production line allows components to be welded into a shell.

The shell is handled by a motorised gantry and transported from station to station.

The arms of the 4 pairs of grippers are mechanically independent, which allows automatic adaptation to the length of the part. They will switch to master/slave mode when the shell is transported.

At the entrance, a chain conveyor on a rotator allows the tank to be received from the upstream part of the line.

The 3 following assembly stations have the following functions :

  • Elevation of the shell to working height
  • Rotation of the cradle to bring it into line
  • Return to the round of the shell
  • Ovalization for coil insertion
  • Adaptation to different diameters and lengths
  • Gauging of the tappings
  • Channelling and suction of fumes
  • Operator safety (BI, scanner, doors)

At the exit, a link conveyor allows this portion to be connected to the downstream part of the line.


  • Ø ferrule: 500 to 800mm
  • Weight capacity : 500 Kg
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