Crimping station

Roller shutter slides

Mechanical engineering

This semi-automatic station allows you to bevel and crimp (or not) the end of the roller shutter slides.

The line operator equips the machine with the cassette in accordance with the production.
The operator inserts one slide at a time into the station.
The machine is equipped with laser sensors that encode the operations to be performed.
Laser sensors check the presence of the seals and then perform the bevelling + crimping tasks if necessary.

The cutting tools (knife and counter knife as well as crimping punches) have been developed and tested by CEREST in collaboration with the customer, in order to find the most suitable shape (joint strength without aesthetic deformation).

The touch panel display allows the operator to configure the station according to production. It allows distance maintenance operations.

The cutting area is fully secured, the doors are equipped with safety sensors.


  • The slides to be treated are of different widths and lengths
  • The joint strength must not be less than 25N
  • Beveling force 390 daN
  • Electrical energy 230V
  • Pneumatic energy 6 bars
  • Sizes H=1400 mm / D=800 mm / L=600 mm
  • Weight=195 kg
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Video presentation

Crimping station

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