ATEX crushing plant

for the chemical industry

Mechanische Studien

This crushing station is used to break up the powder agglomerates of a product in order to facilitate its discharge into a reactor.

Crushing consists of a mechanical operation of driving a tool into the material to be treated. The movement is carried out using 4 pneumatic cylinders with a total thrust of 24,000 N. A counter-pressure and its associated piloting prevent jolts of movement.

The bell covering the drum during treatment has a double function: counterweight to hold the drum and suction hood to contain volatile dust.

A door system at the entrance and exit isolates the hazardous area.

The station houses a conveyor system (not included in the CEREST supply) allowing the barrel to be moved.

Particular care was taken during the design to limit the areas of material retention and facilitate the cleaning of the installation.

The whole machine is designed to meet the requirements of machines in explosive atmospheres (ATEX 2/22).


  • ATEX 2/22
  • For standard 200L drums
  • 24,000 N thrust in pneumatic
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Leistung hinzugefügt 20/01/2021


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