Test bench

for proportional pressure test

Mechanical engineering

This mobile bench allows pressure to be applied to all types of vessels (1 or 2 simultaneously) according to a given characteristic curve: Pressure = f(Time).

The upper and lower pressures are fully configurable as well as the ramp and bearing times.

The volume to be tested is filled with water and then pressurized using a proportional pressure generator.

A pressure switch at the end of the loop allows you to know the effective pressure. The data can be exported to your acquisition station (4-20mA signal) or to a USB key.

A double leak detection system allows to know precisely when the tank broke during the test campaign.

A pump integrated in the bench allows the tank to be emptied at the end of the tests.


  • Pressure generator operating by pneumatic energy.
  • Water pressure 15 bars for an inlet air pressure lower than 5 bars (scalable according to your needs).
  • 4 Liters of volume volume to compensate for tank deformation
  • For tanks with a capacity of 2x300L (upgradeable according to your needs).
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Video presentation

Test bench

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