Double unwinder

for continuous belt production

Mechanical engineering

This unwinder has 2 unwinding axes. This feature enables uninterrupted supply to the production line.

Strip tension is provided by the line. However, the decoiler is equipped with a web tension control system, applying a braking force proportional to the measured tension value.

This ensures constant web stretching and controlled end-product quality.

The unwind spindles are mounted on quick-release bearings for rapid loading of a new reel into the mandrel. This operation is possible while production continues.

This unit can be integrated into an existing line while complying with new machine regulations, and in particular operator safety : effective enclosure without sacrificing ease of use, machine enclosure with anti-closure concept, machine adjustment outside the enclosure, handling tool for maintenance operations, etc...


  • Coil Ø: up to 900 mm
  • Coil length: 1,000 mm
  • Coil weight : 500 Kg
  • Installation time : 2 days
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Project added the July 10, 2023


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