Welding jig

Formwork panel

Mechanical engineering


The welding jig is used to produce concrete casting slabs.

The clamping of the different elements is done by hydraulic cylinders and manual clamping.

The ergonomics of the workstation has been specially designed to enable the welder to work in the best possible conditions. (working height, access,...)

The hydraulic unit is located under the table (easily removable for maintenance), no obstacles on the ground.

The control of dangerous movements is away from the gauge (control panel outside the danger zone secured by a scrutineer).

The flexibility of the template allows a large number of different models of panels (different dimensions) to be produced while reducing the time required to change the series as much as possible (hydraulic couplers, colour identification, positioning pigs, …).



  • Hydraulic clamps

(45 actuators)

  • Panel width : 1.20m
  • Panel height : 1 to 3m
  • 36 possible configurations
  • Weight : 7 T
  • Overall dimension : 3.80 x 1.90m
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Project added the September 16, 2020


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