Liquid ceramic mixer

with rotating tank

Mechanical engineering

This mixer is used to mix different products in order to obtain a homogeneous result.

A rotating resin tank serves as a container for the element to be stirred. The 304L STAINLESS STEEL stirrer is fixed to the base frame.

This allows the centre of the tank to be freed to soak parts in the mixture during rotation.

A torque limiter allows the tank to disengage in the event of a blockage. All the mechanical elements have been dimensioned to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Protective covers and mud flaps protect against rotation of the bowl. Various accessories complete the mixer (surface filters, anti-pollution magnets, etc.).

Handling is carried out using a pallet truck or a conventional stacker.


  • Rotationnal speed= 28 rpm
  • Asynchronous motor 3kW
  • Max tank load= 3T
  • Resin tank Ø1200
  • Dimensions (mm)= 2000x1400x1700
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Project added the September 11, 2020


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