Update of the stripping station

Evolution of the customer's product range

Mechanical engineering

The customer's product range has evolved and a new, larger facade model must now be unveiled.

As the station was not designed to allow this new facade to be stripped, the client asked us to add four suction cups and a mechanism to maintain the vacuum in the event of an air cut. 

The addition of the suction pads required the complete plate to be changed. However, we reused all the parts previously present on the station.

The specifications stipulated that the vacuum had to be maintained for at least 5 minutes in the event of an air cut. We opted for a pneumatic cylinder with a spring that is compressed during normal operation, and which will relax when an air cut happends and thus maintain the vacuum over time.


  • 2 modes of use: 4 or 8 suction cups
  • Vacuum maintained for at least 5 minutes
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Project added the October 5, 2020


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