Upgrading a torch and its seal tracking

Probing with a roller housing

Mechanical engineering

The objective of this project was to refresh the mechanics of weld seam tracking during the change of welding process.

CEREST carried out the necessary mechanical studies to integrate a new welding torch with a more complex layout than the existing torch. The torch and its new tracking mechanics are installed in place of the old torch and its mechanics (which dated from the 1980s!).

Joint tracking is achieved by a customer supplied roller housing which is rigidly mounted with the torch. The tracking mechanism allows the torch to follow the height and depth of the joint. Springs and cylinder ensure that the roller housing makes contact with the tank.

Inductive sensors detect the position of the torch and detect the loss of the probe if this should happen.


  • Probing force ≈ 60kN
  • Possibility to replace the pneumatic cylinder with an electric cylinder in the future
  • Circular welding of a tank
  • Supplied: 2 x 2 pairs symmetrical
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Project added the November 15, 2021


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