Crimping machine Tank / Cap

4-jaw concentric CM4

Mechanical engineering

Semi-automatic crimping machine for pre-assembly of caps on tanks before welding.

It is a 2 operator station, cross-feed: loading on one side / unloading on the opposite side.

The cap and the tank are manually loaded into the central tool adapted to the product (Ø).

The station is capable of crimping the 2 caps of the tank with different references.

The rotation of the larger tanks is done with the help of a turner. This assistance improves the ergonomics of the operator

Crimping of the tank is carried out via 4 concentric and synchronised jaws. This technology allows an efficient and repeatable crimping

The central tool is interchangeable, which means that several Ø can be worked with the same station.

Each operator has the necessary button for the operation of the station / Safety made by light barrier.

Siemens HMI with selection of pre-recorded product recipes (crimp side, cap height, etc.


  • Interchangeable tools from Ø400 to Ø220
  • Turning device with suction cup grip

Overall = 2500x2200x950

Download PDF version Reference : 3580

Project added the April 26, 2024


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