Pipes welding machine

and 3 tools

Mechanical engineering

Combined with a set of specific tools, this machine can weld 2 G1/2" tappings on different types of pressed steel parts. One tube is welded and then the other. The tube change is automatic and pneumatically driven. The pneumatic feed is via a rotary joint. The connection to the tool is made in one movement by a 2-way quick coupling.

Welding can be 'flat' or inclined depending on the shape of the part. Tilting involves elliptical joint tracking. This function is provided by a cam of the same shape mounted on the tool and the torch carriage follows this trajectory.

3 axes of adjustment of the torch allow precise positioning of the torch.

The torch is protected from any interaction by a disengageable support. If this element is triggered, the information is sent to the PLC and the cycle is interrupted.

A welding curtain protects the operator from the light emissions generated by the process.

The mechanical part integrates all the necessary supports for the annexes (generator and wire feeder, electrical box, console, HMI).

A cooling control system ensures that there is sufficient water flow to preserve the torch and interrupts it after a period of inactivity to avoid condensation.


  • Cycle time <25s
  • Upgradeable tools for workpiece diameters from 200mm to 500mm
  • Mass passage by tangent pad and wear compensation
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Project added the August 11, 2021


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