Leak test station

after welding

Mechanical engineering

This stand-alone station is used to check the tightness of the weld seam of tubes welded to the bottom of a tank.

Pneumatic pressure is applied to the weld seam. By spraying soapy water, the operator checks that there are no leaks due to the absence of bubbles.

A protective cover locked during dangerous movements ensures the operator's safety.

The various operations are managed by a SIEMENS Logo PLC.

The control pressures are checked by a double-threshold pressure switch. The first one validates that the required pressure is reached, the second one authorizes the release when the pressure is low enough not to be dangerous anymore.

The station is autonomous and requires an electrical supply (230V) as well as a pneumatic supply.


  • Clamping force : 4x80daN
  • Test pressure : up to 4 bar
  • Sealing by moulded seals
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Project added the July 24, 2020


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