Straightening station

by induction

Mechanical engineering

After heat treatment, a cylindrical blank underwent dimensional deformations.

To continue the manufacturing process, the part must be straightened.

This machine allows the straightening operation to be carried out via the following steps:
- Measurement by palpation of the dimensional variation and automatic detection of the position of the largest deformation
- Induction heating for malleability (excluding CEREST service)
- Mechanical straightening by reverse deformation to the fault, via a motorized axis with adaptation and measurement of the applied force

The station adapts ergonomically to the operator (working height) and the principle of moving the part allows it to work in the comfort zone.

An assisted device for loading and unloading the part by retractable windscrews and pneumatic clamping limits the risk of accidents and annoyance.

The rotation of the part during the search for the greatest deformation is carried out by a brushless motor coupled to an analog joystick, the translation of the part is carried out by moving the carriages and via the handling bar. By default, the translation movement is pneumatically braked.

The high precision required by our customer (detection of a simple beat of 0.01mm) is ensured by a construction and an adapted realization, coupled with commercial components renowned for their quality.

To allow a wide range of parts to be processed, several easily interchangeable tools are provided.


  • Dimensions of the blanks to be processed: in Ø from 8mm to 80mm / in length from 106mm to 1000mm
  • Straightening force; 800 daN
  • Adjustable working height from 850 to 1150mm
  • Change of series without tools (distance between tips, Ø of parts)
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Project added the November 25, 2019


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