Plastic can spacer system

on conveyor belt

Mechanical engineering

This spacer system is installed on a conveyor line just before a labelling machine.

Its function is to space plastic can between them. They can be of different sizes.

The spacer consists of two side conveyors with roughened belts, sandwiching the cans.

These belts are mounted on a dynamic floor to absorb small variations of can widths and maintain grip pressure.

Each motor drives the roughing belt at a different speed to the horizontal conveyor. The speed can be adjusted to obtain a controlled spacing.


The two side conveyors are each mounted on a Y/Z cross table, so that they can be approached and/or raised.

These adjustments are made using 4 handwheels.


  • Plastic can volume admitted : 5L to 20L
  • Main size : 1125x320x200mm
  • Conveyor speed : 5 m/min to 10 m/min
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Project added the July 6, 2023


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