Macaroon striking machine

2nd generation

Mechanical engineering

This machine automates the process of 'strinking' the dough before baking the shell.

The aim of this operation is to remove air bubbles and to homogenise the shape.

This station is set up at the end of the straightening process.

The tray is inserted into the tapping machine until it reaches the removable stop. A clamp keeps it in position during the impact. The number of strokes can be set on the touch screen.

In order to determine the number of strokes required for the fluidity of the dough, the addition of extra strokes is facilitated. A display counts the actual number of strokes and gives you the information to readjust the number of strokes in the automatic cycle.

When the cycle is complete, the tray is released and the stop is removed to allow the tray to be removed.

This station is of food quality (use of stainless steel).

Due to its design, this machine is very reliable despite the high mechanical stress imposed by the process.

The dimensions of this machine are adaptable to the constraints of your installations.



  • Compact and ergonomic 2nd generation design
  • Number of strokes can be set on the touch screen
  • Drop stroke = 125mm
  • Soundproof bonnets (<85dB)
  • Electric 230V mono and pneumatic 6bars
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Macaroon striking machine

Project added the March 19, 2021


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