Induction heating station

Horizontal heating of round titanium billets

Mechanical engineering

Induction heating station made for a specialist in inductive heating.

The station consists of two independent sub-stations. The placement of the slug in the clamp is done manually by an operator. At the bottom of the pneumatic clamp there is a laser barrier which ensures that the billet is correctly positioned in the clamp.

The transfer of the billet into the inductor is electrically driven via a toothed belt axis and a brushless motor. This allows precise positioning of the billet in the inductor.

The inductor is enclosed by a stainless-steel cover which is lined on the inside with 1mm thick copper sheets. This housing is also equipped with a small high-temperature glass window which allows the heating phase to be viewed.

Both sub-stations are protected by dedicated light barriers

CEREST was responsible for the mechanical construction of the station, while our customer was responsible for the electrical part and the inductive heating.

The station was equipped with two additional screens to display the pyrometer settings of each sub-station.



  • Core heating temperature: 1000°C
  • Rate of 120p/h, i.e. 60sec per piece per sub-station
  • Slug Dimensions: Ø20mm to Ø25mm, Lengths 140mm to 215mm
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Project added the November 17, 2022


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