Press-in station for inserts

Mechanical engineering

The tooling allows an operator to fit 7 M3 size inserts into a plastic injection part (defibrillator housing shell).


This tool can be placed on a workplan.


Functioning :

The operator places the 7 inserts in a cavity.

The defibrillator box is placed in its receptacle manually. The receptacle is mounted on an XY-crossing trolley.

A transparent mask is placed on the box to help the operator to target the location of the inserts.

The operator has a free handle vertically.

At the end of this handle, a suction nozzle allows the inserts to be picked up one by one and presented at their insertion point.

The operator presses the two-hand button to insert the M3 insert into the plastic shell.





  • 87 psi pneumatic
  • 230V Electric
  • Size 31.7x24.8 h=33 inch
  • Weight = 143 lb


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Project added the September 9, 2021


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