Stud welding machine

with automatic loader

Mechanical engineering

This machine allows the resistance welding of 6 studs on a part of revolution.

Each stud is welded individually to ensure the correct current flow and thus guarantee the quality of the product.

An automatic loader feeds the top electrode one by one.

This loader is itself fed by a tray equipped with a separator. This solution replaces the much more expensive vibrating bowl principle.

The feeder is easily adjusted in all 3 directions by millimetre adjustment and compensates for electrode wear.

The magazine can hold up to 36 studs, which allows a significant production flexibility.

A semi-automatic mode allows manual loading of the electrode in the event of a feed system failure or the recovery of a failed stud.

The orientation of the bottom at the beginning of the cycle is ensured by a positioning fork which takes as a reference 2 previously welded tubes.

The 60° spacing between each stud is guaranteed by the use of a fast and precise mechanical indexer.

The whole system is enclosed in a light curtain enclosure and controlled by a SIEMENS PLC with a touch screen.

A cooling control allows an optimal operation of the welding part.



  • Repeatable machine cycle time of 22s/part
  • Welding force up to 1380 daN
  • Welding current up to 63 kA
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Stud welding machine

Project added the May 30, 2022


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